A Little About CrystalTop Overlay

My name is Zack, and I’m the owner of Cornerstone Countertop and Flooring, LLC and owner of this website CrystalTop Overlay.

Cornerstone Countertop and Flooring, LLC is based out of Winter Garden, FL.

I came to see a need for an inexpensive countertop solution when I was a chaplain and on the side I was fixing up homes and reselling them. Every time I purchased a home I had to do something with kitchen countertops. I knew I could not get the return for my money if I went with Granite because of the cost.

I could not find a good alternative so I began “experimenting” with thin coat cements. The results were nice, a custom concrete countertop over existing laminate, but the time factor was a problem. It would take me 3 – 5 days to complete the process and concrete was not very “user friendly”. I liked the concrete stain look but not the trouble of putting down the concrete.

I then began to color the existing laminate countertop without cement and developed the CrystalTop Overlay product. After years of perfecting the colors and sealer I now have an inexpensive countertop solution that can actually be done as a weekend project that will last for many years. It is elegant looking and needs no additional maintenance other than the usual wiping down. And each countertop is unique just like granite. No two countertops will be exactly the same.