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Can It Be Used Outside?

Yes, CrystalTop has been proven to perform well outside because of its UV stability to prevent yellowing and breakdown.

How Long Will It Last?

With normal use and proper care, your CrystalTop Counter will give you many years of enjoyment.

How Do I Safely Maintain My CrystalTop Overlay Surface?

Caring for your CrystalTop counters is easy. To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild anti-bacterial soap or detergent. The easiest way to avoid stains is to not let spills sit on the surface. All countertop surfaces should be wiped clean regularly. Do not use any harsh abrasives such as SOS pads or Comet for cleaning because it will de-gloss the finish.

Is It Safe?

Once the CrystalTop sealer has cured for 24 hours it is safe for incidental food contact. Our sealer is 100% nonporous which locks out moisture and resists bacteria.

Why CrystalTop?

CrystalTop Overlay will refinish your existing countertops and give you a beautiful countertop with a high-gloss polished finish with vibrant colors. Your CrystalTop counter will not only look great but is stain resistant and UV protected.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a CrystalTop Overlay Counter:

  • Simple, Easy-To-Apply Overlay System
  • No Messy Demolition
  • Do-it-Yourself in one weekend and have a customized counter while saving money
  • Create a new customized look without having to replace your counters

For homeowners seeking the most value-packed combination of visual style, easy maintenance, durability and low price, CrystalTop counters are the top choice.

How Much Does One CrystalTop Kit Cover?

One CrystalTop kit will cover approximately 45 square feet or 15 linear feet of countertop surface.

How Durable Is CrystalTop?

The CrystalTop sealer is a modified sealer specifically designed for countertops and decorative surfaces.

Does It Stain?

CrystalTop sealer is extremely stain resistant. Our sealer has been tested with even the worst culprits for countertop stains, red wine and mustard. As with any counter, always remove spills immediately.

Can It Be Scratched?

Yes, just like granite and Formica -it’s not recommended for cutting or chopping. The use of cutting boards for food prep will help eliminate any chance of scratching.

Is It Heat Resistant?

Yes, CrystalTop is heat resistant up to 350F. As with Formica – it is not designed for pots or pans directly from ovens or ranges. Always use trivets and potholders to protect against heat damage.