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How To Paint Over Formica Countertops: Step-By-Step

How To Paint A Formica Countertop With CrystalTop Overlay



  1. It is recommended to remove the sink (but not necessary) if one is in place.  Use a razor blade to remove any caulk from counter. If you choose not to remove the sink, carefully tape around the sink.
  2. Thoroughly clean laminate countertop and backsplash surface with soap and water and allow to dry.
  3. Then lightly sand the entire surface of the counter and backsplash using the provided sanding pad.
  4. Use the blue tape provided and tape around the sink and the walls above the counter to prevent colors from getting on the sink and wall.
  5. Apply the 48″ self adhesive plastic film just below the countertop to protect cabinets and flooring.
  6. Wipe off entire counter and backsplash with the provided terry cloth to remove all dust and debris.



  1. Roll on the base coat color for your desired pattern on the entire surface of the laminate counter using the 6″ high density roller and 1″ foam brush. Allow to dry completely (dry time about 1 hour).
  2. Follow the video tutorial and apply the additional colors using our custom faux rollers to create the desired pattern. Once you have applied your final color allow at least 2 hours dry time before applying sealer.



  1. Once the dry time is complete for the colors, use a new sanding pad and lightly sand the entire counter.  This will remove any excess paint or sponge debris.
  2. Then use the terry cloth to wipe off all dust from the counter.
  3. Apply the CrystalTop high-gloss protective sealer onto the counter.
    1. Our sealer is a two part sealer. To activate, pour part B into Part A and mix with stir stick for approximately 2 minutes. If you do not plan on using all the sealer at this time, mix only what you need in a separate container. The mix ratio is 3 parts A to 1 part B. Now you are ready to apply the sealer to the counter. You have approximately 30-40 minutes to apply sealer before it begins to set.
    2. First use a small amount of sealer and apply to top and side edges of backsplash with a 1″ foam brush.
    3. Then pour sealer onto counter and use sealer applicator to evenly spread over the entire surface of the counter starting from the top of the backsplash and work your way to the front of the counter.   Slightly overlap each previous stroke as you repeat process.  Continue until counter is completely covered.   Use 1″ foam brush to get in the corners and edges.
    4. Do not touch or come into contact with counters for 8 hours.

Painted countertops are ready for light use in 12 hours after sealer is applied. Full use in 24 hours after sealer is applied. It is recommended to allow 48 hours to cure after countertop has been sealed before placing heavy kitchen appliances on countertop.

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