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Remodeling Your Kitchen Or Bathroom?

Looking for a simple and inexpensive countertop alternative?

Why tear out the counters and have the mess when you can have a custom CrystalTop Overlay on your existing Formica, laminate or Corian counters. Our authentic CrystalTop Overlay custom sponge rollers gives you the look of Quartz, Granite, Marble, Natural Stone or a custom design you always dreamed of without any special skills. And CrystalTop counters have no annoying seams! CrystalTop counters are completely customized and unique!

Our non-toxic CrystalTop Gloss Sealer is UV protected and food safe. It will withstand 350 degree temperatures without scorching and guaranteed not to chip and peel like other popular brands on the market. With CrystalTop Overlay, you can achieve a fresh, new look that will last for many years to come and your friends will think it’s real stone. Your ONE DAY solution to restore your countertops is our countertop resurfacing kit.

Reface Your Countertops

Don’t replace your countertops…reface them with CrystalTop Overlay. Our DIY kits have everything included to reface your countertops and has quicker dry times than any other kits on the market. You can use your countertops the following day.

Countertop Resurfacing Kits

To make it easy for you, we created a few standard countertop resurfacing kit combos. Each kit contains everything you need to get your resurfacing project started and to get the job done. We also have a “Create Your Own Countertop” kit which will allow you to pick your colors and the type of rollers you want to use. CLICK on any picture below, to visit the product page or to add it to your cart.

Why Choose CrystalTop Overlay

Truly inspired design creates a space that is beautiful, carefree and functional. In most cases, it’s not the structural aspect of the countertops that is the problem. It’s actually the surface appearance. Why throw out the baby with the bathwater, when all you need is countertop resurfacing? Here at CrystalTop Overlay, we’re experts in all areas of countertop solutions.

Granite is all the rage for countertops and kitchen work surfaces. The gleam, the elegance and the organic feel that these rich-looking countertops add was once the quickest way to elevate any kitchen, creating a feeling of opulence and current design. Unfortunately, daily use made it clear that this designer look required a lot of work. Owners were stuck with basically two choices: 1) Continually pamper and polish the granite to maintain its beauty; or 2) Resign themselves to streaks, stains and mars.

Our countertop solution is resurfacing kit from CrystalTop Overlay is beautiful, easy and fast to do. You’ll get the rich appeal of granite in a much more durable surface, and our countertop resurfacing kit will retains its glory with far less maintenance. With this countertop resurfacing kit, CrystalTop Overlay can create beauty in your existing kitchen or bathroom countertop at an affordable price today. Visit the countertop solution online store here to order.

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Custom Countertop Resurfacing Kits

If you are creative type of person and feel adventurous enough to create your very own custom countertop resurfacing kit, than you’ve come to the right place.

You can choose from available colors and accessories in our online store and use your imagination to create a unique color and pattern combination, just the way you like it. Are you an artist? Paint your own masterpiece on your countertops and seal it. Or add your favorite college, sport or business logo. Choose LARGE KIT or SMALL KIT, depending from the size of counter you wish to resurface.

How To Paint A Formica Countertop With CrystalTop Overlay?

OK now,… so you’ve got your CrystalTop Overlay kit but not exactly sure how to do it? Not a pro? … No worries! We prepared a set of “how-to” videos, that will walk you trough the entire process step by step. Visit our How To page or take a peak right here below.

Before & After

The following photos below are showing a couple of countertop resurfacing results created with CrystalTop Overlay. These are photos from our actual customers. You can CLICK on any thumbnail to see the larger image, or … you can visit our Image Gallery. and take a look at many more “before” and “after” photos.