As an expert in refinishing countertops, people ask me, “Can I paint Formica countertops? I don’t want to replace them, I just want my countertops to have a fresher look and I don’t want to spend tons of money to get it.”

Your to-do list has grown and you know it’s time to tackle a little remodeling. First, let’s talk about the kitchen and bathroom counters.

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “Can I do something about those stained laminate countertops? The colors are faded and just don’t match the rest of the decor. Is there an inexpensive way I can update?”

Not only is there an inexpensive way, there is a beautiful way to refinish laminate countertops.

You actually can paint Formica countertops and have amazing results.

Painting A Formica Countertop - Beautiful Makeover

There are several kits out there that can resurface your existing countertop with great results. But before you go and buy one of those “quick and easy” kits you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

What is your total investment to complete the countertop resurfacing project?

Some countertop kits are as cheap as $80 while others cost up to $500. Before you buy, find out if there are any additional items you’ll have to purchase elsewhere to complete the project. Some things to consider are floor and cabinet protective coverings, additional brushes, sanding blocks, paint pans, rollers and roller handles, painter’s tape, rubber gloves. Remember you are also investing your time and gas.

Also, consider if the kit covers the amount of square footage you need. Some kits will cover 40 square feet while others will cover 60 square feet. Will you need to purchase another complete kit for the additional footage, or, can you buy just additional sealer or paint?

What kind of fresh “look” do you want for your laminate countertops?

Do you want a solid surface look, a faux granite or marble look, or just a solid color for your countertops? There are kits that produce only one kind of look while others that give more options and allow you to customize to your preferences. Some kits offer amazing colors and sparkle to give your countertops that high-end look!

How hard is this project and how long will it take?

Again, ask yourself these questions before you dive in:

  1. “Are there videos that give me step-by-step instructions?”
  2. “Do I feel comfortable with the process?”
  3. “How long will the project take me and how long will it be before I can actually use my countertops?”

Some of these kits claim to be a weekend project but the packaging states that it may be several days or up to a week before you can use your countertops. Check carefully!

Are there any other inconveniences associated with this countertop resurfacing kit?

Be aware that some paints and sealers have strong odors that you actually have to vacate the premises. Now that’s an inconvenience! Do your homework.

Some countertop resurfacing kits have exceptionally long dry times as well. The project may only take you 6 – 10 hours to do, but if you have to wait 6 hours between steps it’s going to be a long weekend.

Read as many reviews as possible and listen to what people are saying about the countertop kit.

Is the resurfaced countertop durable?

Look for specially formulated paints designed for countertops. Not all paints will permanently bond to laminate and formica. Some of these specialized paints will eventually delaminate. Make sure you check about the durability of the sealer.

Ask these questions of each countertop resurfacing product you find:

  • How well does the sealer protect the paint from stains and scratches?
  • Is it water resistant over a long period of time?
  • Is it heat resistant?

Again, read reviews to get an idea from those that have used the product concerning durability.

Can you paint Formica countertops? Absolutely! Formica countertops can be painted and armed with this information you will be prepared to achieve amazing results!


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