Countertop Painting

CrystalTop Overlay Countertop Resurfacing – A Quick and Easy Countertop Solution!

CrystalTop Overlay is the most stylish and elegant countertop solution for resurfacing. Refinishing your countertops using our products is an extremely easy all-inclusive diy countertop kit and you’ll save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. The refinished countertops are durable and last for years. Our countertop refinishing kits offer significantly better heat and […]

Remodeling your bathroom with CrystalTop Overlay – Blending Quality & Value with Countertop Solutions

        Remodeling your bathroom may be one of the most exciting projects to work on as the remodeling venture is a representation of your needs and creativity. With diy kits from, remodeling your bathroom is easy and there is every assurance that our kits will help get you closer to […]

Painting Your Countertops Makeover Solution

If you want to spruce up your countertops to the latest colors or just cover up the unattractive laminated countertop; this is a must read for painting your countertop solutions. You do not have to pay a company hundreds of dollars to complete this simple do-it-yourself home project. Make sure with any […]

How To Paint A Countertop: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

If you're looking for advice on how to paint a countertop, educate yourself, and you'll enjoy your gorgeous new countertop look for years.

Can I Paint Formica Countertops? Get The Facts.

You absolutely can paint formica countertops, but before you do, make sure you get the facts. Here are the important things every DIY'er should know about painting laminate countertops.