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CrystalTop Overlay Countertop Resurfacing – A Quick and Easy Countertop Solution!

CrystalTop Overlay is the most stylish and elegant countertop solution for resurfacing. Refinishing your countertops using our products is an extremely easy all-inclusive diy countertop kit and you’ll save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. The refinished countertops are durable and last for years. Our countertop refinishing kits offer significantly better heat and […]

Breathe Life Back to Your Old Kitchen: DIY Countertop Resurfacing

        Are you tired of looking at your stained and worn out countertops and wish that you had gorgeous granite countertops? Unfortunately, last time you checked your piggy bank you didn’t have thousands of dollars to replace your old counters. CrystalTop Overlay offers an inexpensive, elegant countertop alternative to resurface your […]

Remodeling your bathroom with CrystalTop Overlay – Blending Quality & Value with Countertop Solutions

        Remodeling your bathroom may be one of the most exciting projects to work on as the remodeling venture is a representation of your needs and creativity. With diy kits from, remodeling your bathroom is easy and there is every assurance that our kits will help get you closer to […]

Countertop Refinishing … Backsplash separates from countertop

Countertop Refinishing techniques … After a few years many times a Formica or laminate countertop will settle and actually pull away from the backsplash that was glued to the wall. If that happens it will create a gap between the backsplash and the countertop.

I have a quick fix for this problem! And if you […]

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