Countertops Solutions

    A Kitchen remodeling project will undoubtedly provide the best Return On Investment in home renovation. Your kitchen countertops are an important part of the kitchen makeover. For the remodeling of your kitchen countertops we recommend for your countertop solutions. Our kits will save you time, money and give you the beautiful countertop solution you’ve been looking for. We provide a range of countertop designs for every customer to choose from – depending on their tastes. The Black Pearl kit is a very distinct rich Pearl Granite in a Midnight Black background and this shade of countertop if chosen provides richness and depth to the countertop. It also has the advantage of masking any dust on the surface, owing to its darker color. There is also the Cappuccino Granite that provides a fresh look to your lifeless and worn out countertops. Then there is the Midnight Copper, which when used for painting countertops make them look like high end Granite. There is yet another delightful countertop shade called “Mocha Granite” which generates a new bold look to your dull countertops. For those of you who want a real bold look in your countertop, there is the “Tiger Granite” that would resurface their kitchen countertops with a stunning combination of earth tones that will go with any decor. And we are constantly adding new colors and countertop designs to choose from.
Countertop Solution    The color process for our countertop resurfacing kits is straightforward and simple. The first step with the Black Pearl kit is to apply Midnight Black to the entire countertop surface. Then using the provided 4″ faux roller, apply the Pearl in a random pattern. Once dry (about 20 minutes) use the other 4″ faux roller to apply Midnight black in a random pattern over the countertop. The amount of Midnight black to be added depends on the amount of the desired Pearl look you want on the countertop surface. Process steps are very similar with the Cappuccino granite except that the last step is to apply the Cappuccino Gold to the counter – the idea is that the more Cappuccino Gold used, the less Snow White color will show. Step-by-step videos and instructions are provided on the website. With CrystalTop Overlay you will have a true weekend project. An average kitchen can be completed in one day and you can be using it the very next day!
    Maintaining and Caring for your renovated countertop is easy with CrystalTop Overlay® Solutions. Our CrystalTop sealer is extremely stain resistant; However it is always recommended that you remove stains immediately. CrystalTop is also heat resistant – it can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. We do not recommend the countertop surface for cutting or chopping. Always use cutting boards for chopping and trivets for hot pans. The CrystalTop sealer is very safe to use and easy to care for. With proper use and care, your CrystalTop counter will provide you years of enjoyment and pride in saying that you did it yourself!
Countertop  Solutions     Invest in our countertop solutions today for an exciting makeover for your kitchen! We guarantee that you will love your newly transformed countertops that you created with CrystalTop Overlay!


Your fellow weekend warrior,
Zack Thomas

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