Countertop SolutionsCrystalTop Overlay is the most stylish and elegant countertop solution for resurfacing. Refinishing your countertops using our products is an extremely easy all-inclusive diy countertop kit and you’ll save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. The refinished countertops are durable and last for years. Our countertop refinishing kits offer significantly better heat and scratch resistance and sophisticated looks for a fraction of the price you would be spending with any other countertop solution provider.
With CrystalTop Overlay, painting over Formica countertops is easier than ever before. Our system is a simple and easy-to-apply overlay system involving no time-consuming messy demolition. Our countertop solutions are Do-it-Yourself projects that can be completed in just one weekend while providing you with a customized and unique counter in an economical fashion. Please take a look and see what our countertop solution kits can do for you. The entire process has only three steps:
Prep, Color and Seal…
A. Prepping your countertop…

1. Clean the countertop surface with warm soapy water to remove any grease and debris.

2. Sand the surface of the counter and backsplash to create a good surface bond for the paints

3. Tape around the sink and backsplash walls and apply the adhesive plastic film below the countertop to protect the cabinets and floors.

4. Wipe off the entire counter and backsplash using the provided terry cloth.
B. Coloring your countertop…

More Countertop Color Videos Here
1. Rolling on the base coat color upon the surface of the entire countertop and backsplash including all edges.

2. Apply additional colors using our custom faux rollers as seen in our tutorial videos.

3. Allow to thoroughly dry for about 1 hour.
C. Sealing your countertop…

1. Use a new sanding pad to lightly sand the entire counter.

2. Use your terry cloth to wipe off dust from the counter.

3. Apply the CrystalTop protective sealer using the supplied applicator.

4. Apply a second coat of sealer for added protection.

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        By following the above simple process your refinished countertops will be ready for light use in as little as 6 hours after the sealer has been applied and complete use in about 24 hours. It is our recommendation to allow as 48 hours for curing of the countertop before applying any heavy kitchen appliances on the countertop.
       There are other countertop refinishing products on the market. But we pride our-self in the fact that we provide the best quality product and a simple process that will give you the customized countertop surface that you have been searching for. The great news is that you can now turn to CrystalTop Overlay for your countertop solutions and we will continue to listen to your needs and strive to deliver the best quality and ease of use. Shop with us today to see the difference for yourself! Resurface your countertop today!

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