Countertop Solutions If you want to spruce up your countertops to the latest colors or just cover up the unattractive laminated countertop; this is a must read for painting your countertop solutions. You do not have to pay a company hundreds of dollars to complete this simple do-it-yourself home project. Make sure with any countertop kit you check the procedures for dry times and any additional supplies that are needed to complete the project.
Countertop Solutions With the CrystalTop Overlay kit, this is a simple weekend project because all your supplies are included and the dry times between each coat is exceedingly fast compared to other countertop kits. In fact, most kitchen countertops can be completed in one full day and you and your family will be able to use your countertops the next day! As long as you plan accordingly it is not an expensive project and can be easy to do with the right supplies.
Note – Make sure your choice of color coordinates with the wall and floor. You want to pick a color that will stand the test of time in case you do not change it for a while. CrystalTop Overlay has a wide variety of colors specifically designed for countertops solutions to meet your needs.
1. PREPPING YOUR COUNTERTOP – Start with a warm, soapy, soft wash cloth and thoroughly clean the countertop and backsplash. If you use any other chemicals to clean make sure you use a wet wash cloth to remove any chemical residue.

Lightly sand the counter with a 150 sanding block. Wipe away all dust particles with a damp towel and finish off with a dry terry cloth.

Apply a blue tape to the walls above the backsplash and around the sink for protection. Also, you will need to protect your cabinets and floor from any drips. CrystalTop Overlay supplies blue tape and a 48″ self-adhesive plastic film that you can apply just below the countertops to protect the cabinets and floor from any drips.
2. PAINTING YOUR COUNTERTOP – The entire surface will need to be painted with your base coat color. Apply the base coat over the entire countertop including backsplash and edges. While CrystalTop Overlay has one of the least “smelly” paints and sealers on the market always have adequate ventilation during the painting and sealing process.
Allow time for the base coat to dry (about 20-30 minutes for CrystalTop Overlay) and then apply your second color with your sponge or faux roller. Continue process with each color as you desire allowing the proper dry time between each coat.
3. SEALING YOUR COUNTERTOP – Allow the last coat of color to dry completely. Once dry lightly sand entire counter with sanding block. This will remove any excess paint “bumps” and sponge debris that may have come off with the faux rollers. Then wipe down entire counter with a terry cloth to remove dust.
Now you can apply your first coat of sealer with the proper applicator over the entire countertop including backsplash and edges. Allow the proper dry time and repeat the process with a second coat of sealer.
Note – After the final coat is is applied allow it to dry over night. Do not touch the countertop until the following day. With the CrystalTop sealer you will be able to use your counter the next day. Please check the cure time for other sealers as they may take up to 7 days.
CLEANING – Always check the procedure for cleaning to maintain your newly refinished countertop. With CrystalTop Overlay you can use any of the countertop wipes or just a little vinegar water to clean your countertops. Never use any harsh abrasives like SOS or Comet to clean your countertops. It is not necessary and will remove the gloss from your countertop.

Painting Your Countertops

Painting your countertops is inexpensive countertop solutions to replacing your countertops and you can create the look you want! With the proper supplies it truly is a weekend project worth tackling. Keep checking back at CrystalTop Overlay for more DIY ideas and guides. You can also visit our online store to purchase CrystalTop Overlay kits for your countertop and helpful DIY “painting your countertops” videos.

Your fellow weekend warrior,       
Zack Thomas        

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