Countertop Solution        Remodeling your bathroom may be one of the most exciting projects to work on as the remodeling venture is a representation of your needs and creativity. With diy kits from, remodeling your bathroom is easy and there is every assurance that our kits will help get you closer to the bathroom of your dreams. Our kits simplify the remodeling project by providing an inexpensive countertop alternative. By selecting our countertop kits for your bathroom remodeling project, you save yourself a lot of hassle from having to tear out the counters and having a huge mess in your home during remodeling.
            Very simply put, you can have a custom CrystalTop Overlay on existing Formica, Laminate or Corian countertops. Our makeover system provides you a sophisticated look that is acquired when only marble, granite or Natural stone is used. Our system works with any Laminate countertop and these countertops can be resurfaced to look like Marble, Granite or precious stones. The best part of the makeover is cost efficiency. The complex natural looks can be attained only for a fraction of the price that you would spend if you had opted for other remodeling options. The simulated granite or marble countertops in your renovated bathrooms are sure to win you tons of compliments from friends and family who visit your home. Our countertops are super easy to clean and transform your bathroom into a sophisticated amenities space. Our CrystalTop counters are also very unique and customizable. They will give you years of happiness and comfort, and the best part about CrystalTop counters is that our counters do not have any troublesome seams!
Countertop Solution              CrystalTop Overlay is the one stop shop for all of your countertop refinishing and countertop resurfacing needs. You can rely on our kits for refinishing your existing countertops and provide brilliant countertops with a natural finish and scintillating colors. CrystalTop counters not only look great but are very robust, in the sense that they are stain resistant and UV protected.
            The CrystalTop Overlay Counter is a simple and easy to apply Overlay system. The process involves no messy demolition and is safe and convenient to use. The makeover or remodeling project can be completed in one weekend with some free time for yourself and is easy on your wallet as well. Moreover our countertop refinishing or resurfacing projects are all ‘Do-it-Yourself’ projects, adding to the ease and simplicity of the bathroom remodeling efforts.
Countertop Solution            CrystalTop Overlay Counters are the only answer to homeowners that seek the best quality and value-packed combination of style, appeal, sophistication and grandeur for their bathroom remodeling projects. Start a bathroom remodeling project today to see the difference we can bring to your home!

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