Remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms can be a very exciting interesting home makeover project. If you are in the Ocala area looking around for an inexpensive countertop solutions, we have great news for you. CrystalTop Overlay offers a countertop overlay system that gives you the look of Granite, Marble or Natural stone without the high costs of these expensive stones. Our simulated countertops are famous for their glossy sheen and transform your kitchen into a beautiful living space. Besides our counters are highly customizable and stand out from the other countertops available in the market.

All of our surface countertops provide years and years of beautiful and stunning looks for your kitchen yet being affordable and requiring minimal maintenance.

Our countertops are the ideal and perfect choice for a classic makeover of your kitchen and bathrooms and add a touch of sophistication to your home. We are proud to offer a range of countertops for you to select from here at our countertop solution store. We have bold colors like our Black Pearl kit or Tiger Granite, Midnight Copper for those who like their countertops to feel and look like Granite or our famous Cappuccino Granite for people who like their countertops to feel stylish and classic. We have something for every kind of audience!

Count on CrystalTop Overlay for acquiring a new and revolutionary look for your home. We have nothing but the best when it comes to providing quality and affordable Countertop solutions. We also take pride in delivering one-on-one attention to our customers and provide them with excellent service. For any questions with your countertops, simply fill in the Countertop Questions form on our website and we will be in touch with you shortly, discussing your needs and recommending the ideal countertop solutions for you. We help you with customizing your countertop and provide you with the flexibility to make structural changes to your countertop such as changing the countertop edge, altering the backsplash etc., while still maintaining an economical budget for your countertops.

Visit our website today to see all the wonderful testimonials from our customers that reflect their immense level of joy and satisfaction following installation of our countertops in their homes. The testimonials also speak volumes about our professionalism, innovative ideas, high quality of countertop installations and quick turnaround of work. Our countertops are sure to leave a great and lasting impression on your friends and family who visit your home and sure to win you rave compliments! Choose CrystalTop Overlay to get only the superior countertop solutions in the market and save hundreds of dollars in the process!

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